a suitor of Jean-Paul comes with her companion to speed dating

a suitor of Jean-Paul comes with her companion to speed dating

On this third evening of Love is in the meadowJean-Paul meets his suitors. The first to push the door has a surprise in store for her!

The 17th season of Love is in the meadow is in its infancy. However, it is not the striking sequences that are missing. This third evening, broadcast on September 5, 2022, and already available on Salto, will see the speed dating of certain farmers like Guillaume l’Auvergnat, but also the first days on the farm for Noémie or Jean. Meetings, spats and love at first sight could well be invited on this third evening. For Jean-Paul, it’s time to meet those who seduced him with their long fiery letters.

Carole comes accompanied

The first of her suitors is Carole, 56 years old. This sparkling blonde with blue eyes put all the chances on her side by taking care of her outfit. Red dress and high heels, Carole did not come alone. Indeed, when she has to join Jean-Paul, she calls Chewbacca, her dog who, it seems, never leaves her. At the end of his leash, the doggie is delighted to stretch his legs. Taking advantage of the few meters that separate the back of the barge from the bow where the farmer is waiting for him, Chewbacca leads his mistress to the foot of the trees planted along the Seine quay. Pee break for the animal. After this interlude, Carole finally takes the path to the space dedicated to one-on-ones. She pushes open the door, gives her favorite farmer a kiss and slips the leash into his hand: “Here, it’s your dog“. A few seconds of hesitation: “It is my dog ​​?“Very surprising moment which marks a first in the show: the presence of an animal during the speed dating.

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She turns it on!

The rest of this face-to-face alternates small sentences and glances. A situation that amuses Karine Le Marchand a lot. From her sofa, she watches the scene and simpers, mimicking certain attitudes of the contender. Unfortunately for Carole, time passes too quickly. Jean-Paul, in his suave voice, launches a final “You are a very beautiful woman” before letting her join the other guests who are impatiently waiting to get her first impressions. Will she be one of the two women selected to go to the farm? See you Monday at 9:10 p.m. to discover Jean-Paul’s journey during this Paris phase of the show.

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