A small fall but serious movements on the Ducati

A small fall but serious movements on the Ducati

Johann Zarco had a solid first day on the Misano circuit, taking fourth place overall after a 10th position obtained in the morning in EL1, but the Frenchman is not fully satisfied with his performance on the track. In question: a rather indomitable Desmosedici because of the many bumps of the route according to him, and which ended up making him fall at the start of EL2.

“The behavior of the bike here at Misano is quite difficult, the bike moves a lot, probably because it’s a fairly bumpy track and suddenly you feel the power of the bike even more and that creates even more problems”he explained, without hiding his concern for the moment.

“It’s difficult to stop the bike and when you get to the bend, even with the movements, you’re close to losing the front. When you tell yourself that you’re going to overtake that, you fall so it’s not just a fear, it’s a real problem.”

However, the #5 assured to have kept his calm and modified certain things of his piloting in order to “compensate for” these movements: “It worked and then allowed me to set a good time with the soft tyre, again in case of bad conditions the next day. It allows us to ensure a Q2, even in good conditions as well. that there is good potential to go fast, but I absolutely have to be more comfortable because the consistency is not there at the moment”he added.

Consistency will indeed be essential to be able to stay in the provisional top 10 in EL3 tomorrow morning and move directly into Q2. For the moment, the Frenchman considers that he cannot succeed in chaining laps at the same pace, “a very big problem for the race” in his eyes, but he hopes to be able to settle the bike better with his team.

Saved in the standings by a soft rear tire passed at the end of the session, he nevertheless glimpsed a work track for tomorrow, which he hopes will be conclusive: “There was a need to use the rear brake more than usual. It’s good not to use it too much to leave the bike rather free in its movements, but there we had to compensate a lot with the rear brake, which is not good because if the tire wears out, it no longer works. There it works thanks to a new tire but suddenly it gives good indications on things to try, perhaps.”

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