“A non-subject”, the new director of Miss France puts things right from the start

“A non-subject”, the new director of Miss France puts things right from the start

Wednesday August 31, 2022, Cindy Fabre granted an interview to the Parisian. The new director of Miss France agreed to discuss the new rules of the famous contest and took the opportunity to make a point.

A news that caused a lot of noise… Tuesday August 30, 2022, the Parisian revealed that Sylvie Tellier was leaving her post as director of the Miss France competition, which she had held for 15 years. In a press release, Alexia Laroche-Joubert had declared in stride: “To represent the Miss France brand, I naturally thought of Cindy Fabre (…) She has all the professional and human qualities necessary to succeed in her new role. and best support young women in their role of embodying Miss France values.“Wednesday August 31, 2022, Cindy Fabre confided in this subject in the columns of the Parisian. Assuring that she had never lost sight of the producer, Miss France 2005 slipped: “Sylvie wanted to take a step backso naturally Alexia made me this proposal.

Very busy, Cindy Fabre said: “I will continue in my company EMA Events in Dijon, my schedule will just be a little busier. This is not a new life for me. In my office, I always have a Miss France file with lots of new ideas that I submit each year. It is a continuity.“While the rules of the competition have evolved, the new director of Miss France wanted to put things right.”Society evolves and fortunately us with, to preserve this image of modernity! All international competitions also evolve, particularly with age, so if we don’t adapt, we’ll be (…)

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