A fake policeman who disseminated confidential information on reality TV stars imprisoned

A fake policeman who disseminated confidential information on reality TV stars imprisoned

The man was broadcasting confidential information about the criminal past of reality TV stars on YouTube. With his phone and a good dose of gab, he managed to convince police stations that he was a policeman looking for information on well-known personalities. Thursday, he was indicted Thursday in Paris and imprisoned, we learned this Friday from a judicial source.

He was indicted in particular for fraudulent collection of personal data, misappropriation of the purpose of files, unlawful disclosure of personal data infringing on privacy, usurpation of police duties and aggravated fraud. His lawyer did not immediately respond to AFP’s requests.

Mastery of police jargon

Aged 33, he was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) and taken into custody by police officers from the cybercrime brigade (BL2C) and the brigade of repression of delinquency to the person (BRDP), it was specified from a source close to the file, confirming information from TF1.

The man used the technique of “spoofing”, a technique of telephone usurpation which allows the number of his choice to appear on the telephone of his interlocutor. Mastering police jargon, he was able to fool several police stations from which he extracted confidential information concerning the criminal records of celebrities, in particular rappers and reality TV candidates or strangers.

Information sometimes monetized

“He admitted in police custody to have monetized some of this information”, confided a second source close to the file.

The Youtube channel on which he had published the recordings of his conversations – by modifying his voice – with the police who transmitted to him details of the criminal records of influencers, rappers, stars of reality TV or criminals, was no longer accessible on Friday .

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