7:30 p.m. Media – Case of Imam Hassan Iquioussen: itinerary of a fiasco – Daily

7:30 p.m. Media – Case of Imam Hassan Iquioussen: itinerary of a fiasco – Daily

Big twist in the case of Imam Hassan Iquioussen. Threatened with expulsion for several weeks, Hassan Iquioussen fled on Tuesday evening. Mikhail Gorbachev died on Tuesday August 30 at the age of 91. The announcement of his death sparked a wave of tributes around the world. Emmanuel Macron hailed a “man of peace”, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen a “trusted leader” and Joe Biden a “rare leader who has led to a safer world”. In Russia, on the other hand, the tribute to Vladimir Putin was much more muted. The Russian leader offered his condolences in a short statement. From the presidency of Mikhail Gorbachev, we retain above all his openness to the world, to the West. An openness – and a sense of humor – as evidenced by the advertising campaign for the Pizza Hut chain in which he participated. In one sentence, Sandrine Rousseau managed to place the barbecue at the heart of the political debate. Is the barbecue manly? Is meat a totem of virility? For 72 hours, the subject has been on all TV sets and provokes debates that are not always cordial on social networks. But it has at least one merit: that of highlighting several observations. First, that meat is actually a major contributor to global warming. Next, that men have a bigger carbon footprint than women when it comes to food. Is Bruno Le Maire playing with fire? Barely 24 hours after Elisabeth Borne’s speech claiming not to “close the door” to a tax on superprofits, the Minister of the Economy publicly contradicted his boss, to the delight of MEDEF. No Matignon. Who to replace Marine Le Pen at the head of the National Rally? On the starting line, the young Jordan Bardella and the experienced Louis Alliot. And for the two men, the same line: that of the boss.

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