55 million. The influencer disappears with the money of her followers!.

55 million. The influencer disappears with the money of her followers!.

A YouTube star offered his fans to embark on investments that were supposed to bring big returns. But it suddenly disappeared from radar screens, along with the money invested by members of its community. We are talking about an amount of $55 million.

The “Nutty” influencer has 847,000 fans on YouTube and is followed by 310,000 people on Instagram.

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From a sympathetic influencer known for her dance videos, Natthamon Khongchak, aka “Nutty”, of Thailand, is now a suspected criminal under the scope of an arrest warrant.

Followed by 847,000 fans on YouTube and 310,000 subscribers on Instagram, the young woman began offering investment advice to her community. Of course, she was posting pictures “proving” her own amazing gains.

According to the lawyer for the dozens of alleged victims interviewed by a Singaporean newspaper, she received the amounts directly into her account. Natthamon Khongchak then promised them a monthly return of 25% to 35% depending on the duration of the investment.

Arrest warrant

But if the investors received the sums promised at first, the money ended up no longer flowing. According to local media, nearly 6,000 people entrusted him with money. To date, more than a hundred complaints have reportedly been filed against the influencer.

‘Nutty’ reportedly initially promised to repay, but has now disappeared into thin air. The jackpot of the alleged scammer would amount to the trifle of 55 million dollars.

A police unit specializing in online scams last week issued an arrest warrant against the indelicate, for fraud. In Thailand, rumors are circulating about his potential departure from the country, since Natthamon Khongchak has not posted anything on social networks since June.

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