“Why am I leaving Miss France”

“Why am I leaving Miss France”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – The boss of the Miss bows out, takes stock and announces her new projects.

After seventeen years at the head of Miss France, Sylvie Tellier has new desires. She confides in her projects and looks back on her career within the institution.

TV MAGAZINE. – How is your return to school going?
Sylvie Tellier. – I left my position as general manager of Miss France on the evening of August 30. It’s a major life change for me after seventeen years of involvement in the competition. But it’s not my company, and I wanted to give a new direction to my career.

What are your projects ?
I want to undertake. I love my country, and we have tremendous assets to promote. I would therefore like to put my energy at the service of promoting France and its know-how. Some companies, committed to this same ambition, do not have access to the media. I have, on my side, a real knowledge of this world and that of influence, of the assets that I would like to put at their disposal. But there is no rush, I want the transition with the Miss France teams to go well.

“Alexia Laroche-Joubert (…) chose Cindy Fabre to help her. She offered me to keep an advisory role at their side until December, which I accepted”.

Sylvie Tellier

That’s to say ?
Now, Alexia Laroche-Joubert performs the functions of president and general manager of the Miss France company alone and has chosen Cindy Fabre to help her. She offered me to keep an advisory role alongside them until December, which I accepted, because it was important for me to accompany our partners until the election. On the other hand, I wanted to leave my functions now, because I did not want to launch projects for next year. This will be the role of the new teams. When Geneviève de Fontenay left, I suffered that she couldn’t cut the cord…

Did the arrival of Alexia Laroche-Joubert as president motivate your departure?
I am not leaving because of the arrival of Alexia Laroche-Joubert, who is a great television professional, but because I feel that I have achieved my objectives.

What were they?
When I arrived in 2005, the legacy was not simple. Audiences were down, the public was aging, the company had been bought by Endemol in 2002, relations were conflicting between Geneviève de Fontenay, her son, Xavier, and the group’s management, and the sometimes difficult cohabitation between Jean-Pierre Foucault and Geneviève de Fontenay during the ceremony… But it was a formidable challenge.

What is your assessment today?
We have modernized this competition while preserving its values, and last year’s hearings on women and young people are historic. The Miss France elected for seventeen years are accomplished, independent and committed women, well known to the public. We have also created a real family. Our success is international, with two first runners-up at Miss World and a title at Miss Universe… When I take stock, I am proud of my team, of the Misses, of us…

“I took so many slaps that it allowed me to grow”

Sylvie Tellier

Do you have any regrets?
When I started, I sometimes lacked roundness in my words. I certainly hurt people. But I learned from that. I took so many slaps that it allowed me to grow.

Sylvie Tellier, alongside Jean-Pierre Pernaut, then president of the jury, and Jean-Pierre Foucault in Caen on December 11, 2021 during the election of Miss France 2022. PIERRE VILLARD/SIPA

What highlights of your career do you remember?
Last year, I was very moved when Jean-Pierre Pernaut agreed to be president of the jury. He loved people and France. He showed me how important it is to value the French, craftsmanship, excellence and I feel a bit like his heiress… I won’t forget the incredible emotion felt during the victory either. of Iris Mittenaere, in January 2017, at Miss Universe. The centenary, celebrated in 2020, was also an important moment bringing together Misses of all generations. I also had the chance, with Laury Thilleman, in 2011, to fly in a Rafale tanker plane, an exceptional moment!

Alexia Laroche-Joubert changed the rules by accepting things that you refused…
When you leave a company, you have to know how to respect the decisions of the leaders, so I don’t want to criticize. On the other hand, I have said in particular in the past that I find it very complicated to allow a candidate to be a mother, because I know what a year of reign represents. But that doesn’t concern me anymore, and I wish them a lot of courage.

What will be your role during the ceremony on TF1?
I will not be there as general manager of Miss France, but as a presenter alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault. This will be my last show with him, he taught me everything. I have a lot of affection and admiration for him.

“I love the media and television, and I would like to host shows. It is not the media exposure that interests me but the exchange with people”.

Sylvie Tellier

Do you have any television projects?
I love media and TV, and would love to host shows. It’s not the media exposure that interests me, but the exchange with people.

In what state of mind are you when turning this page?
It will be difficult because the competition is part of my life. I lived and slept Miss France for seventeen years, to the point of forgetting myself, sometimes. On stage, I’m going to cry, that’s for sure… But I’m also impatient to start this new chapter of my life.

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