What reflexes to adopt for a stress-free return to work

What reflexes to adopt for a stress-free return to work

(ETX Daily Up) – What if back to work was the perfect time to adopt new reflexes and establish new habits in order to feel better at your job? A good position to work, exercise and take regular breaks… a few fundamentals allow you to start a return to school in complete zenitude and in good health.

Goodbye holidays, see you next year! The time to return to the office has (already) come. The start of the school year takes place between the end of August and the beginning of September, depending on the professions and the country. But everywhere, this event marks the beginning of a new year, new challenges and goals to achieve. “Like January, September is the month of new beginnings,” writes future of work specialist Laetitia Vitaud in her back-to-school newsletter.

This novelty surely causes new emotions – enthusiasm, apprehension or even stress. It also allows you to resume good working bases. It is not a question of optimizing to increase productivity, simply of ensuring its return to school in good health.

At the office or at home, settling in well

While you’ve spent the summer hiking, biking or “paddling”, spending seven hours in a chair will surely cause a strange feeling. The specialists of Sécurinorme, a company expert in the prevention of risks in companies, recall that a good seat is essential to avoid all musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the long term.

First, position your screen between 50 and 70 cm from your eyes. You can stretch out your arms to measure. The bigger the screen, the further away you can put it. This should be located so that your eyes are slightly below the top. You can adjust your seat afterwards, because your spine must be straight and your feet should touch the ground.

Manage your concentration well

How to get to the heart of the matter? Depending on the tasks to be performed and the schedule, staying focused for a long time can seem difficult. According to entrepreneur @mpickle, who “helps businesses make better decisions,” focus is gained by breaking down big tasks into smaller ones. It is about setting achievable goals to move gradually towards the final goal.

When it comes to performing a task that requires concentration throughout the day, it is best to limit distractions as much as possible, such as social media notifications or repeated interruptions from those around you.

be fit

Of course, to be focused, you have to be in good shape! Throughout the day, remember to take 15-minute breaks every two hours and look up from your screen regularly (about every 20 minutes).

Physical activity, such as walking, stimulates the brain and helps with concentration. Regular hydration also helps maintain constant attention.

More generally, regular physical activity helps maintain good health (physical and mental). The National Health Nutrition Program in France has recommended since 2002 to practice the equivalent of at least 30 minutes of brisk walking per day.

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