VIDEO – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in mourning: she announces the death of a member of the C à Vous team

VIDEO – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in mourning: she announces the death of a member of the C à Vous team

This Monday, August 29 marked the resumption of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in the show It’s up to youon France 5. The host announced sad news at the end of the program… this new season will be without one of the emblematic members of the team, who died this summer.

For their return to France 5 this Monday, August 29, the team of It’s up to you pulled out all the stops by inviting actor Vincent Lindon to talk about his new film, With love and determination, directed by Claire Denis, but also the singer Clara Luciani, to promote from his latest single Heart. If the atmosphere was, as always, confidential, the tone became a little more serious at the end of the program… Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine announced the death of Sébastien Amaury, the programme’s emblematic cameraman, who systematically captured the souvenir photo of each episode with all the guests, when the host asked them to turn to him to greet the viewers.

“So much for the premiere of this 14th season of It’s up to you, a program which is dedicated this evening to the memory of Sébastien Amaury, who accompanied us from the beginning of the adventure behind the camera, but always with a smile. We learned of his disappearance at the end of the summer. The whole team of It’s up to you wanted to pay homage to him”solemnly announced the presenter who celebrated his 52nd birthday on July 29. The production team then showed some images of Sébastien Amaury recording the program with his camera, alongside Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “Tonight we turn to Sébastien and to all those he loves, and to Nicolas to greet our viewers”, concluded the former columnist of The Special Edition of Canal+.

Sébastien Amaury on the set of C à vous.
© Screenshot France 5Sébastien Amaury on the set of C à vous.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine curtly taken over by Vincent Lindon

If the last minute of the show was particularly movingthe tension rose a notch during Vincent Lindon’s appearance on set. Before promoting his new film, the 63-year-old actor was invited to open for his point of view on many current topicsespecially political. “You who issue to enshrine in the Constitution the fact that a president cannot do that a mandate, you don’t trust Emmanuel Macron to make the right decisions?asked Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. Juliette Binoche’s screen partner to react strongly: “I do not know, I did not say that! I said that it was necessary to make a mandate and there it’s a second term for him and a second term is not a unique first term, otherwise it would be known.”

Photo credits: France 5 screenshot

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