Unrecognizable Loana: these vacation photos in Saint-Tropez that worry about her state of health

Unrecognizable Loana: these vacation photos in Saint-Tropez that worry about her state of health

Loana has not finished worrying her audience. While it’s no secret that she goes through moments of deep depression, her addictions to alcohol, drugs and medication do nothing to help matters. The winner of the first Loft Story is in bad shape as evidenced by the disturbing photos relayed in particular by Oh ! My Mag!

Photos were taken at Massimo Gargia’s birthday party in Saint-Tropez. They are not fun to see. We discover a Loana the lost look. A sad vision of the former lofteuse in distress.

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Disturbing photos of Loana in Saint-Tropez

Loana, the gaze lost during Massimo Gargia’s birthday in Saint-Tropez seems to be at its lowest again. The photos were released by The Broc Barwho organized the jet set party. Internet users have discovered, pained, the new star face of reality TV. Without makeup, disheveled hair, looking tired and dark circles, fans immediately noticed that something was wrong with Loana.

Shortly before, summer obliges, the star went to other private events where she appears radiant, with a smile on her face, in the middle of the day. So why this relentlessness again on Loana’s physique? Since her makeover in the program Incroyables Transformations, she is more and more the target of ridicule. ” Bob hair, brown and cream suit size 52 instead of 44, no makeup, I didn’t recognize myself. That’s why I cried when you see the photo of my arrival… I’m not saying it’s horrible, I’m just saying that it doesn’t look like me and that we had agreed on certain things which were not respected”, she had taken care to justify.

Loana worries her subscribers

Loana is no longer a controversy. In recent months, she was regularly invited by Cyril Hanounarevealing his private life. Clashes, rumours, public reconciliations, the lofteuse is always welcome to increase the ratings of Touche Pas à Mon Poste. But, the fans are worried above all for the physical and mental health of the young forties.

If Loana will probably still cause a lot of ink to flow, we hope she is well surrounded and on the path to fulfillment. She will probably struggle for a long time against his demons. We wish him a lot of courage and strength to continue to face them relentlessly.

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