the “silent resignation” of those who remain in office but decide to slow down

the “silent resignation” of those who remain in office but decide to slow down

The phenomenon of “quiet stopaims to create clearer boundaries between work and personal life. Project TommyStock /

INVESTIGATION – Testimonials, confessions, advice… Appearing on TikTok, #quietquitting is gaining more and more momentum and now exceeds 65 million views. What does this trend reveal?

I don’t want to lose my health“. Thomas*, 26, account manager at Crédit Mutuel for nearly six years, says his professional life has taken a new turn. “I give my all, I’ve always been like that. But my patience has reached its limit“, he laments. For several weeks, he has chosen to refuse the “overtime“, the replacements of colleagues “Troubleshoot“, or simply to answer his e-mails outside of work. And he is not the only one, hundreds of other workers under 30 are adopting this new alternative to resignation: the “quiet stop», silent resignation in French.

It all starts on TikTok in 2021 with the “pitch“, a hashtag appeared in China literally meaning”to lie“. Quickly censored by the authorities, he called for the rejection of expectations linked to productivity, in short, no longer giving body and soul to work. Mid-2022, it reappears as #quietquitting in the United States…

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