the mind-blowing revelations of its producer

the mind-blowing revelations of its producer

Jean Marie Bigard C8 screenshot

VIDEO – Guest of “Touche pas à mon poste” Tuesday evening on C8, Chrystel Camus allowed herself to detail the health problems of the 68-year-old comedian.

Tuesday evening, “Don’t touch my post! » devoted his « big file » to the common spectacle of Dieudonné and Jean-Marie Bigard. First announced at the end of July by its producer Chrystel Camus, the project has been definitively dismissed. “I was supposed to go on stage with him but, after reflection, I decided to end the duo project”had communicated Jean-Marie Bigard on August 9 on his social networks. On the set, the one who stressed that she was still the comedian’s producer until December 2023 said that the tour of this show was going to exist. Facing her, Laurent Ruquier admitted having advised the one he wishes to soon reintegrate into “Les Grosses têtes” on RTL not to do “more bullshit”.

Visibly anxious to see the show titled Damn for damn exist, Chrystel Camus made unexpected revelations usually belonging to the private sphere of artists. “You should know that Jean-Marie and Dieudonné are very seriously ill, they both wanted to get together because they know it’s their last show, that’s the truthshe said to everyone’s amazement. I have worked with Jean-Marie for a long time, he is 68 years old, he has very high diabetes, he also has very high polyarthritis and heart problemsdid she allow herself to detail. Four years ago, shows were canceled because he gave us strokes on stage. »“Do you have the right to say that? »surprised Cyril Hanouna. “I wouldn’t like to have a producer like you the way you talk about him”Laurent Ruquier intervened with annoyance, adding that he did not wish Jean-Marie Bigard to keep her as a producer.

“I cannot defend an artist who does not assume his production contract”ended up recognizing Chrystel Camus who criticizes Jean-Marie Bigard for having backtracked. “If he doesn’t do this show, at the end of our contract, I should start a procedure. For the companies I represent, this can amount to 10 million euros (for damages, Ed.) minimum because other companies are involved. » At the end of the show, the producer concluded that she would like the show to be done “for the good of Jean-Marie and for the public”.

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