the huge clash between Laurent Ruquier and the producer of Jean-Marie Bigard live in “TPMP”

the huge clash between Laurent Ruquier and the producer of Jean-Marie Bigard live in “TPMP”

During the summer, Internet users were surprised, and sometimes shocked, when they learned that a tour was going to see the light of day to offer a show organized by Jean-Marie Bigard and… Dieudonné. Faced with the controversy that was beginning to grow, the companion of Lola Marois finally announced that it was a hack on his Instagram account and that he had never planned such a duet. However, its producer Chrystel Camus is not of the same opinion. This was on the set of TPMP this Tuesday, August 30 and made astonishing revelations.

“The show is prepared and is going on the road. Jean-Marie may not be on the tour because Laurent has offered him to come back to Les Grosses Têtes and he is afraid that by saying that he is on this duo , of not being able to make the contract with Laurent”she announced to explain that the real reason for the cancellation of this project, according to her statements, would be a new collaboration with Laurent Ruquier in the coming weeks. A situation refuted by the principal concerned: “No, it’s not that, because Jean-Marie talks about pressure… It’s not pressure, it’s advice. I had him on the phone this summer and I told him but don’t do that It’s not a pressure he does what he wants”.

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Not enough to calm the ardor of Chrystel Camus who continued and explained: “I am just the executive producer of this tour. And when Jean-Marie told me that he wanted to do shows at Ruquier, I remained stupid. Because in conspiratorial lyrics he unfortunately does not say good things about Big Heads”. A new statement that made the companion of Hugo Manos come out of his hinges: “It’s because he was angry, I forgive him everything, I don’t have any problems, you’re not going to tell me anything about Bigard tonight. But unlike you, I wouldn’t want to have a producer like you because being defended by someone like you when you’re an artist… hello. The way you talk about it is still amazing”.

But Laurent Ruquier was not at the end of his surprises. “He told me I’m screwed, I don’t fill shows anymore, I don’t do stadiums anymore, I make the semicolon that unfortunately I don’t fill…”she went on before being cut off by the journalist:“Another nice way to defend it. Honestly talk better about your artist”. “I don’t criticize Jean-Marie because he does one show or another…”The producer then defended herself before Hugo Manos’ companion replied: “You’ve only been doing this for a while. You can’t stop being negative about him. You know that the last to go on stage with Dieudonné was Holocaust denier Forisson who believes that there is no ever had a concentration camp?”. If the sidekick of Léa Salamé expected a response from his interlocutor, it was not done. The latter indeed preferred to follow up with a “Listen, I did…”to be immediately cut off: “No, you don’t use familiar terms with me, we don’t know each other”. “Why does Jean-Marie surround himself so badly every time? That’s the problem”he finally concluded.

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