The current retirement at age 64: a tiny compensation!

The current retirement at age 64: a tiny compensation!

Published on 31.08.2022

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Raising the retirement age for a matter of equality… Really? I almost choked when I read the interview with Alain Berset (Freedom of August 20) when he said: “The AVS is very favorable to women: overall, they contribute less to it than men.” Still happy! Men receive mostly higher salaries, they participate less in the education of children, in household chores, they are less often caregivers, etc.

I personally worked in the field of childhood, in which the salaries are much too low compared to the responsibilities, the complexity and the difficulty of the work. But this also applies to other areas, sometimes even more impacted. How many additional years of AVS would it take to compensate for these wage differences? In my case, after a quick calculation… a good ten years!

So I consider that the extra year of retirement that I will benefit from (I am lucky not to be affected by the reform) is only a tiny compensation. And I feel sorry for the younger women who are still at risk of losing that.

I will vote no to any increase in the retirement age for women as long as wage inequalities persist. Incidentally, I express the hope that parliamentarians who always lean in favor of the more affluent will be immersed for a few months in the salary reality of the majority of the population. It would put them back on the ground.

Elisabeth Steiner,


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