Stranger Things 5: we know the number of episodes for the end of the Netflix series! – News Series

Stranger Things 5: we know the number of episodes for the end of the Netflix series! – News Series

Season 5 of Stranger Things is in full writing and the Duffer brothers have announced the number of episodes that this final chapter of the Netflix series will have.

A little over a month after the second part of Stranger Things season 4 went live on Netflix, the Duffer brothers have embarked on writing the fifth and final season of the fantasy series.

The public is eagerly awaiting these final episodes which will put an end to the adventures of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the whole gang. But will there be as many episodes in season 5 as in season 4? We have the answer!

We know how many episodes are left!

The fourth season confused some Stranger Things fans since it consisted of eight episodes ranging from 64 to 150 minutes and was separated into two parts. Ross and Matt Duffer had promised: season 5 of the Netflix series will not be as long as season 4.

“I think we want eight episodes again. But we don’t want this season to be 13 hours. Rather, we’re aiming for 10 hours or something like that. I think it’s going to be longer than season 1 because we have a lot to wrap up, but I don’t think it will be as long as season 4.” they said to Collider.


The Duffer brothers confirmed this intention with a tweet posted on the series writers’ account @strangerwriters. This is a photo of a table grid separating the episodes in order to write the different arches and the plots of this final chapter.

And on the table, we can see that there are eight episodes planned, as for seasons 1 and 3. This fifth season of Stranger Things will have one episode less than season 4 and it will be shorter in terms of length. episodes.

Season 5 of the Netflix series will be set entirely in Hawkins. The Duffer Brothers confirmed it in the podcast “Happy Sad Confused”. It will therefore be a real homecoming with an atmosphere reminiscent of the very first season of Stranger Things:

“We want to go back to a lot of the stuff we did in Season 1. A lot of the original bands and duos that we had in Season 1 – to come full circle.”

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