sick children under 5 will receive vaccines in September 2022

sick children under 5 will receive vaccines in September 2022

Specialists around the world agree that the global pandemic of COVID-19 is not over, even if sanitary measures have been relaxed for a few months. As a reminder, this condition is expressed in different manners according to individuals. Even if it manifests itself most of the time by mild flu symptoms which disappear spontaneously, the Coronavirus keep killing many people around the world.

A seriously ill little girl in the intensive care unit

Faced with this threat that still weighs on our health, researchers are continuing to develop methods to limit the spread of the virus. This is why the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) recommended the use of Modern pediatric COVID-19 vaccine.

The australian children at high risk aged six months to four years will now be able to access anti-COVID-19 vaccinations from September.

Many sick children vulnerable to COVID-19

The immunocompromised children are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. They already suffer from many health problems. Their supported in case of infection would therefore be complicated in case of infection. These are children who have received a bone marrow transplant or stem cells following cancer.

Life expectancy children with structural abnormalities of the airways or chronic lung disease would be involved. In addition, those who suffer from congenital heart disease complex, of diabetes mellitus type 1 or neuromuscular disorders chronicles have no weapon to fight the disease.

The first children vaccinated in September

ATAGI recommends in particular the administration of two primary doses eight weeks apart. This measure aims to protect children who suffer from severe immunosuppression and are therefore more vulnerable to COVID-19. Intended for children aged six months to four yearsit constitutes an additional barrier against the spread of the virus.

Australia’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Andrew Robertson, stated that this pediatric vaccine would be available from September 5, 2022. Parents can go to their doctor to vaccinate their children.


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