Shakira upset: Gerard Pique soon to be a dad with his new (very young) companion?

Shakira upset: Gerard Pique soon to be a dad with his new (very young) companion?

For many years, Shakira and Gerard pricks have formed one of the most popular and glamorous couples on the planet. The bomba Latina, a true international star and author of dozens of interplanetary hits, got together with one of the biggest football stars in 2011 and for more than 10 years they were a close-knit couple. Together, they will have two beautiful boys, but their union will end up falling apart and at the beginning of June the couple decide to separate by announcing their decision publicly.

Since then, nothing has gone right between Shakira and the 35-year-old footballer, and after the strong tensions between them it’s the coup de grace for the 45-year-old Colombian. Gerard Piqué appears with his new conquest, Clara Chia Marti, a student of only 23 years old. “Gérard and Clara have been seeing each other for months (…) They have kept quiet about their relationship, but those around them all know what is going on (…) People helped him keep the romance a secret and deleted Clara’s social media accounts so people couldn’t find pictures of her… Which makes his friends think he takes this relationship seriously.”indicates a source to the English daily, The Sun.

Rumors based on photos of the young student

After this beginning of idyll which did not at all please the interpreter of the tube under your clothesit may well be that the latest rumor will make her jump… According to information from a journalist from the Spanish media Marca, Clara Chia Marti is already pregnant! A rumor based on photos of the 23-year-old young woman with Gerard Pique. “You can see like a little belly. This woman is thin and you can see a little belly”indicates the Spanish journalist. For the time being, all this will remain at the stage of rumors since the images really do not allow us to affirm that the pretty blonde is indeed pregnant, but this information, even if it turns out to be erroneous, risks going back to the ears. by Shakira.

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