Royal biographer Angela Levin curbs Meghan Markle after her interview for The Cut

Royal biographer Angela Levin curbs Meghan Markle after her interview for The Cut

Meghan Markle during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. (London, June 3, 2022.) Abaca

After the Duchess of Sussex’s confessional interview in a lengthy interview for The cupBiographer Angela Levin reacts fiercely to Meghan Markle, calling her comments arrogant.

It seems that Meghan Markle wants to make some waves across the Atlantic. Monday, August 29, the magazine The cup unveiled the cover of her new issue, the Duchess of Sussex in Majesty. In the exclusive interview she gave to the magazine, Prince Harry’s wife confided in her new life in California, her professional projects, and allowed herself a few spades against the royal institution, the Great Britain or even the British press.

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Strong criticism to which the biographer of the royal family Angela Levin was quick to react. In an interview with GB News, she describes the Duchess’ behavior as pretentious and even defiant: “It’s breathtaking – her arrogance, her rudeness and her attitude of taking everything for granted and giving nothing back” .

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While Prince Harry also intervenes in the interview granted to The cupAngela Levin is sorry to see his lack of reaction to his wife’s criticism of his family. “I think it’s a tragedy that she managed to convince Harry that his family was so horrible”, before adding, bouncing off another question from the journalist: “When they saw the Queen for the Jubilee, this was only for 15 minutes because she was extremely busy… This visit was really not necessary, they could have come another time”.

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If for some, Meghan Markle, through this interview, simply wants to demonstrate that today she is free to speak and control her image, it would seem that the British biographer saw it as a new attack in her battle against the Windsor. “She will fight until the end and some people can look up to that and in some situations that is fine. But I don’t think you can do that with the family.”

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