Rofrane Bambara (Large families) gives her news after weeks of absence

Rofrane Bambara (Large families) gives her news after weeks of absence

After weeks of absence, Rofrane Bambara (Large families) confided her happiness to find her subscribers after a much needed break.

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This Tuesday, August 30, it is a Rofrane Bambara in great shape who has returned to social networks after weeks of absence. By her own admission, it was a necessity for the mom made famous by the show Large families to take a step back. “Hello Team B, I hope you are well. We meet again after several weeks of absence. Quite honestly, I cut to do myself good. I cut to refocus on the children, the preparations back to school and simply to rest.”

Leaving to come back better

If according to the mother of quadruplets, this silence was a necessary evil, she does not sulk her pleasure to be active again on social networks. “I’m so happy to have you back. I was a little sad, I’m not hiding it, not to share everything we used to share together, but all the same I needed this cut and this pause.” And to add: “I wanted to thank you all as much as you are for your messages, for (the) news that you have taken. For a little bit of everything. Really thank you.” A few words that should go straight to the hearts of its many subscribers.

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Rofrane Bambara is back to school… before that of her children

Back-to-school time will soon ring for many school children. To prepare for that of his little tribe, Rofrane Bambara went shopping to prepare for the return to school of his toddlers. “This morning, I did the back-to-school shopping for quads, it made me so happy. I love back-to-school, it’s a time that reminds me so much of my school years. I found little nuggets […]”, did she rejoice. And for a successful return, his little family left nothing to chance. “I found my team and we’re off to cut this little guy’s hair. Yesterday, I took Kheïry, it went pretty well. Cutting hair is very complicated for boys. Kheïry managed like a chef, we explained what we were going to do and it was. Today with Chemsy, it was complicated, but we got there. Too proud of my Chemsy.” The start of the new school year seems to be under the best auspices… for young and old alike.

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"I needed to refocus..." : Rofrane Bambara (Large families) gives her news after weeks of absence

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