No verdict for Ryan Giggs, a second trial planned

No verdict for Ryan Giggs, a second trial planned

Jury members in the Ryan Giggs trial failed to reach a unanimous verdict on Wednesday. Unless there is an agreement between the lawyers for the former footballer and the complainant, a new trial should take place within several months.

Benjamin Mendy is not the only football star to face justice. If the trial of the tricolor world champion continues in Chester, that of Ryan Giggs ended on Wednesday. Failing a unanimous verdict, the jurors were sent home and no decision has been made for the former Welsh player.

Tried for violence against several women, his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and her sister, Ryan Giggs pleaded not guilty even though he admitted having been unfaithful during their three-year relationship. As several British media explain, including the Daily Mail, a new trial could therefore be held within a few months if the lawyers of the various parties do not reach an agreement to settle the case amicably.

Jurors did not believe a possible verdict

Four weeks after the start of the trial in Manchester court, jurors were asked to decide on a verdict as early as August 23. After having lost a member of the jury, sick and sent home, the eleven people therefore debated in vain to find a unanimous decision.

After a first failure on Tuesday, the judge validated the hypothesis of a verdict rendered on the basis of a vote of ten jurors against one. But there again, the seven women and four men called to settle this case did not manage to agree.

When asked by the presiding judge if there was a chance of reaching a unanimous (or 10-1) verdict, the jury said “no” and were therefore sent home after being discharged from the case. The former Manchester United star will therefore have to wait for an agreement with the plaintiffs or a second trial.

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