News – NHL – Meier and Niederreiter delighted to play in Europe

News – NHL – Meier and Niederreiter delighted to play in Europe


NHL World Series

Visiting Paris, the attackers Nino Niederreiter and Timo Meier spoke about the next games they will play in Europe as part of the NHL Global Series. Niederreiter, who has just signed for two with Nashville will face CP Bern on October 3 at the PostFinance Arena.

“I was thinking about several things at the same time and then I remembered that Nashville was going to come and play in Bern! It was the icing on the cake. We talked a lot about that with Roman, it’s his city by the way. Even though I live several hours from Bern, a lot of people will come to see me, it’s exciting. I’ve never had the chance to play a match in Europe, it’s going to be great.” said Niederreiter, who added that his grandmothers, aged over 80, will be there.

If Niederreiter and Josi will play in the Swiss capital, another Swiss will have the opportunity to play in Europe. Indeed, the San José Sharks and Timo Meier will face the Eisbären in Berlin before starting the NHL season on October 7 and 8 in Prague against the Nashville Predators in two games.

“It’s really exciting, I know friends and family will be at the games, they all want to come to Prague to watch. I’ve never been to these two cities and hope to have time to visit a bit with people who will come have seen me play when I was only 16, before I left Switzerland for Halifax in 2013. It’s great to bring the NHL closer to Switzerland. is a great promotion and hopefully it can inspire young kids to start playing hockey to become the next NHL playersand this Meier.

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