Netflix hits hard and recovers cult anime

Netflix hits hard and recovers cult anime

Faced with the dreaded union of Wakanim and Crunchyroll earlier this year, Netflix continues to bet big on anime. We also explained to you why in this article… Still, the platform at N rouge does not lie when it tells its users that it is working hard to recover the big names in Japanese animation. So, very soon, Death threat will return to Netflix, after a few months of absence while the excellent Freak will point the tip of his nose. But that’s not all. The partnership between Netflix and Nippon TV is colossal.

Netflix recovers cult anime

Japanese animation has never been as popular as it is now. Netflix has understood this and is hanging on to compete with dedicated streaming platforms like Crunchyroll. Two and a half years ago, the Red Hastings firm already achieved a tour de force by recovering all the films from Studio Ghibli, hitherto unavailable in streaming.

Today, Netflix signs an agreement with Nippon TV to broadcast several flagship series in the Japanese animation landscape. As Hunter X Hunter. If the anime is already available with us, it is not the case in other countries. Especially since the series dedicated to Gon in his quest to find his father recently almost disappeared from the platform. To be saved inextremis. Among the returns made possible by this partnership with Nippon TV, we note the classic Death threata must if you want to brush up on your anime culture, or the excellent Parasite: the maxim.

the brilliant Freakinspired by Naoki Urasawa’s manga, or even grannyadaptation of the cult manga from the 2000s by Ai Yazawa, will also join the Netflix catalog. To our greatest delight ! Especially since these two anime are, until then, unavailable in France. The phenomenon Hajime No Ippo will also be there shortly. In short, Netflix is ​​beefing up the “anime” section of its catalog.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly when all these anime will be released on Netflix, but it should be soon. Because, Ouran High School Hos Club and Claymorewhich are part of the list unveiled by Nippon TV in the official press release, is already arriving next Thursday, September 1, on Netflix.


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