Nahel (The Voice Kids) mocked: his parents reveal that he has a pathology he wanted to hide

Nahel (The Voice Kids) mocked: his parents reveal that he has a pathology he wanted to hide

Since his passage in children of the voicethis Saturday, August 27, Nahel is mocked on social networks. His parents, Julie and Aziz, have therefore decided to come out of silence by revealing that the latter has a pathology that he wanted to hide.

Internet users can sometimes be cruel. Even when it comes to children. Evidenced by the comments posted each week on Twitter during the broadcast of children of the voiceprogram hosted by Nikos Aliagas on TF1. In this one, talents aged six to fifteen compete to try to be elected the most beautiful voice of the year. But if Julien Doré, Louane, Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori, the members of the jury, do their best to spare the young candidates, this is not necessarily the case for the viewers. During the last episode broadcast on August 28, it was on Nahel thata large number of them fought hard.

Eleven-year-old from Châlons-en-Champagne, the latter first surprised by his very gentleman look since he wore a navy blue suit giving him a real look. He also pushed the line to the end by giving Karine Ferri a hand kiss, very amused by his gesture, before performing on stage. The Bourgeois by Jacques Brel. A choice of music that he justified by the fact that he was not one to listen to “wesh wesh fishing rod“but rather “old singers”. Statements that earned him strong mockery on social networks, so much so that his parents, Julie and Aziz, decided to break the silence in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

Nahel is affected by disharmony

Pained by the comments that affect their son, Julie and Aziz revealed that the latter was not “not an average child”. Indeed, the eleven-year-old boy suffers from disharmony, a pathology that increases feelings tenfold, often accompanied by a form of high potential. “He uses words that even we don’t use. He has an adult phrasing. When he was five years old, he was already talking about topics of adult conversation. He loves politics and literature. He’s not the kind of kid to play football“, explains his parents, who specify that Nahel did not want “share his pathology on the air”.

“We respected his choice. But since there have been physical attacks and attacks on his way of being, some even said he was overplaying… we wanted to restore some elements to provide an explanation on what he was able to release during his passage. Nahel has been followed since the age of four by child psychiatrists, psychologists and psychometricians. It is also followed by an AVS (School Life Assistant) at school“, insisted on letting his mother Julie know, who specifies that he “is not aware of the image he sends back, he is in his bubble“. A development that will make viewers perhaps a bit more understanding.

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