Multimedia: here is free TV with Yallo Free TV

Multimedia: here is free TV with Yallo Free TV

Yallo Free TV.
Yallo Free TV.

TV deals as such are no longer worth a kopeck! To be convinced of this, it suffices to observe the market and note that several suppliers offer free TV packages. With Yallo Free TV, which will eventually replace Wilmaa Free, Sunrise’s discount brand UPC is launching a free TV offer.

For this price, as with others, you should know that this offer is financed by advertising. With each change of channels, for example, several spots can be broadcast. As a result, this product can also be used by customers of other suppliers. Be careful, however, because this free streaming solution offers the essential basic features for occasional television use.

Availability to test

And pay attention to certain details. In its press release, Yallo indicates that its free product is available on Apple TV and on certain Android TV devices such as the Yallo TV Box, on the Yallo TV applications for iOS and Android intended for smartphones and tablets as well as via an Internet browser. on other devices.

Incidentally, the cheap operator clarifies that watching TV for free with Yallo Free TV is possible either as a “guest” or as a registered user by means of an e-mail address. This second option allows you to make recordings, create channel lists or even watch streaming content on the television.

Some kind of Trojan horse?

“With Yallo Free TV, we are now targeting customers who want to watch TV for free at Yallo on an occasional basis and without a TV subscription. Thanks to its basic functionalities, Yallo Free TV is also the ideal entry-level offer to discover our television offer for free before opting for the full subscription to Yallo TV”, according to Christoph Richartz, YOL manager at Sunrise. UPC.

Obviously, Yallo wants to try to attract customers from other operators and push them towards its paid formula. For such a strategy to work, it will probably be necessary that the discounted brand of Sunrise UPC pulls out of the game somewhere… Excellence in image quality? Other? Hard to say… Finally, note that Yallo Free TV on the television is limited to 30 hours per month. Great Sunrise UPC!

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