Montrejeau. The health center displays its balance sheet

Montrejeau. The health center displays its balance sheet

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The Montréjeau health center will soon welcome a fourth doctor on its premises. The result of an initiative that works and is useful to all residents.

The Montréjeau health center is doing well. Managed entirely by the town hall, it spent the summer without shortage of openings, despite the difficulties encountered by the lack of doctors and the 19,000 patients that the territory represents. The doctors at the health center are employees with contracts of 35 hours per week, with a legal obligation of 2 days off per week. Today it is the first center to have established a doctor. Currently, it perfectly meets the needs of the territory.

Concerned about the demands for patient care and the lack of doctors, the mayor of Montréjeau Éric Miquel and his deputy Martine Tarissan work every day to satisfy the population. They are relieved to see that the center has remained open all summer. Among the centre’s doctors, Dr. Farhani Allala, aware of the planning difficulties and above all human, went from 35 hours to 40 hours a week throughout the summer. The mayor underlines “By opening this health center, it is nevertheless an opportunity for the doctors to lighten them at the level of the administrative tasks obligatory to start their activity, contrary to the liberal exercise. In addition, the city also continues to offer great advantages to attract doctors who would like to settle in the territory. Indeed, since June, the city has been offering a reception center created in premises that meet standards, concerning accommodation with a capacity of reception of 3 doctors and/or interns located in the center”.

At the beginning of October, a 4th doctor arrives, which will allow the center to open a wider time slot, with a next step “open on Saturday morning”. In addition, with this possibility, it will open a training plan. There will also be a need for 20 additional secretarial hours. The future is promising for this center because the only watchword is “the health center must meet the needs of the territories”.

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