Monster, Nana, Parasite… Netflix signs a historic contract, and offers itself several cult anime

Monster, Nana, Parasite… Netflix signs a historic contract, and offers itself several cult anime

Netflix is ​​betting big on Japanese anime, and has just signed a historic partnership with Nippon TV.

For several months now, Netflix has intended to bet on Japanese animation to bring together an increasingly unfaithful audience. The platform at N rouge knows that it can still count on its original productions, but it is no longer the only one to play the game of the unpublished. Faced with behemoths like Dragon House on OCS, or The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime Video, the service knows that it must also offer a catalog of ever more ambitious cold content to stand out.

Aware that more than half of its audience is an anime fan, Netflix now hopes to play on the toes of certain specialized services such as Crunchyroll, by expanding its entertainment offer linked to Japanese animation. It is with this in mind that the company concluded this week a historic partnership with Nippon TV. Concretely, this agreement should propel a good number of cult titles to the catalog of N rouge, with the possibility of an arrival in France, simultaneous or deferred.

Monster, Nana, Death Note… Netflix takes up arms

Among the thirteen novelties already announced by Nippon TV and Netflix in a press release, Netflix can boast of having some cult productions of the genre. To start with Hunter X Hunteralready available in France, but which will arrive in more than a hundred additional countries by the beginning of September. Berserk is also affected, good news for fans, especially since the animated series should resume in October with an unexpected sequel.

Then will come several other titles, this time unavailable in France: Freak, Naoki Urasawa’s masterpiece, then girl, Ai Yazawa’s 2000s cult manga. Series Death threat is already accessible in France on the platform, but the films Death Note Rekindle and Rekindle 2 will also be there. Series Parasite: The Maxim should also deliver its first burst of episodes.

List of upcoming releases

  • Hunter X Hunter (148 episodes)
  • Ouran High School Host Club (26 episodes)
  • Claymore (26 episodes)
  • Death threat (37 episodes)
  • Death Note Relight 1 and 2
  • From me to you seasons 1 and 2 (25+13 episodes)
  • Berserk (25 episodes)
  • Parasite: The Maxim (24 episodes)
  • granny (47 episodes)
  • Hajime No Ippo (76 episodes)
  • Freak (74 episodes)

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