Michel Sardou: what he really said to Johnny Hallyday during their last conversation (ZAPTV)

Michel Sardou: what he really said to Johnny Hallyday during their last conversation (ZAPTV)

Guest on the show Do not touch My TV this Monday, August 29, Michel Sardou confided in his argument with Johnny Hallyday. A fact that he regrets, he who has never been able to reconcile with the Taulier.

Cyril Hanouna has decided to hit hard for the start of the school year. Do not touch My TV this Monday, August 29. The famous host returned with his gang of columnists, along with two new recruits, to comment on the news of the past few days. An opportunity for the teams to come back to the interposed war between the Mathias brothers and Paul Pogba, which has been reacting on the Web since last Saturday.

Another highly commented subject: the affair between Booba and Magali Berdah and the influencers. The rapper’s lawyer explained why his client made this battle one of his priorities. “We sold kids cosmetic surgery services, that’s nonsense. Then there were depilatory creams that are dangerous for your health…”, did he declare. A sequence strongly commented on the social networks, just like the passage of Michel Sardou at the end of the emission.

Michel Sardou makes an appearance in Do not touch My TV

His television appearances are becoming increasingly rare, so when Michel Sardou is invited to a show, his confidences are listened to with the greatest attention. Endowed with his outspokenness and his usual humor, the singer and actor did not fail to deliver rare secrets about his career in music, but also his relationship with the late Johnny Hallyday. While the two stars were inseparable at the start of their career, a falling out came to upset their friendship. “It’s my fault, I was clumsy. I said some bullshit actually, which I didn’t mean badly by the way. But he, on the other hand, took it badly”confided Michel Sardou, visibly upset.

The bullshit was on his daughters?“, reacted Cyril Hanouna. To which Michel Sardou, still filled with remorse, replied: “Yeah, I said bullshit. But I didn’t think I was mean at all, at all, at all. Besides, I was surprised that he reacted as dry as that. And one day I meet him, I tell him ‘Listen, we should still talk to each other‘. He says to me ‘Listen, I do not want to talk to you‘. I tell him ‘Well that’s good, you just have to listen to me’. And then after that we didn’t talk to each other.” A memory that still seems very painful for Michel Sardou.

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