Michel Sardou considers paying “too much tax” and reveals his heritage

Michel Sardou considers paying “too much tax” and reveals his heritage

He is a guest that we are not used to seeing on the set of Cyril Hanouna. Michel Sardou was present for the return of Touche Pas to Mon Poste on Monday June 29 and as usual, he did not go out of his way on the subjects he did not like. He mentioned it his heritage, deploring paying too much tax in France, as noted Current wife.

Not always convenient Michel Sardou! While that’s his charm to some, there are thorny topics best avoided over a celebratory meal with the famous singer. It’s to open the new season, and maybe announce the color of the editorial line of the year, that Michel Sardou sat around the table of TPMP columnists.

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Michel Sardou considers paying too much tax

As Internet users point out, Michel Sardou has not changed: he is still without waffle. As the show wants, the singer was asked about the news and it is better not to talk to him about Jean-Luc Mélenchon! And for good reason, the leader of France Insoumise had suggested to Michel Sardou leaving France if he becomes Prime Minister. ” Imagine the guy, he thinks we’re going to get some dough in the Caribbean. I have two things: a house in Normandy and an apartment in Paris… And a Porsche,” adds the interpreter ofBe a woman. And yes, the artist should not be launched on just any subject!

The singer takes the opportunity to remind that he pays his taxes in France. ” I’m not a thief, I’ve never had a problem, I’ve never been pissed off. So I pay far too much tax in my opinion, that I say frankly. But on the other hand, I also earn a lot of wheat, so I have to pay taxes. So I don’t mind. »

Michel Sardou, annoyed on social issues and by Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s remark still does not pass for Michel Sardou. ” I’m not leaving… It’s not because Mélenchon will be Prime Minister. And it never will be… Me alive. I will not hide my wheat. If France becomes what Mélenchon is, who since his return from South America has been chanting ‘La Revolucion, la Revolucion…’ We don’t need to hold demonstrations right now, to e**erd people who work. There’s no need to add to it, he’s promoting the revolution, that’s good for Colombia, but we’re not in Colombia. » That has the merit of being clear.

Michel Sardou also returned to his dispute with Johnny Hallyday. A bad joke which will have cost a long-standing friendship. Indeed, the singer had been more than awkward in evoking the adopted daughters of the Boss, Jade and Joy. On stage, when the Taulier had just bought a chalet in Switzerland, the interpreter of is the vole publicly stated that it would be difficult to put the little ones on skis. “When we do an improvisation, the words come out before the thought. He took it badly, but for his children. Well, we stopped there, we were never able to get closer. But, it’s my fault, so he was right! » A regrettable joke for Michel Sardou.

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