Matthieu Delormeau in a free relationship: “group plans” in Mykonos, his crazy confidences!

Matthieu Delormeau in a free relationship: “group plans” in Mykonos, his crazy confidences!

A promise remains a promise. Cyril Hanouna openly announced it a few weeks ago. Fans waited with some excitement for the return of TPMP. The show started a new season and Cyril Hanouna planned the coup. It is true that the end of the show is not yet looming, given the success it generates. Each year, TPMP has risen to the challenge, with ever-increasing audience statistics after each season. The only unpleasant surprise that TPMP fans could expect at the end of the last season concerns the departure of certain columnists. However, some loyalists persisted from the start. And this, like Benjamin Castaldi and Matthieu Delormeau. Speaking of the latter, recounting his adventures in Mykonos this summer, Matthieu Delormeau made surprising secrets about his relationship…

A little used hotel room

In fact, the return of C8’s flagship show gave him the opportunity to return to his vacation. Indeed, Matthieu Delormeau confided that he made a tour on the Aegean side this summer, in Mikonos. So far, nothing too surprising. However, he spoke lightly about his love life while on vacation as well as in everyday life. He confessed to having met a Berliner, with whom he took part in ” group evenings “. This statement is in no way implied: Matthieu Delormeau has practiced libertinism. He also explains that he slept only one night in his hotel room. The rest of his evenings he spent in charming company. And his romantic encounters have increased according to his desires.

So, on the occasion of the first broadcast of Touche pas à mon poste for this new season, Matthieu Delormeau confided: “ Sometimes I had to, very nicely, make group evenings “, he specified, thus implying have met several people. ” I only slept once in my hotel room “, he continued. Indeed, he explained that he spent most of his evenings in good company. He even says he rented a motorcycle à la Tom Cruise in Top Gun for the occasion, so he could move where he wanted.

Matthieu Delormeau as a libertine couple?

Matthieu Delormeau would also have made the meet a policeman called “Kairos”. Before admitting that he felt “very happy” with his vacation and that he met the mayor of the city. Numerous encounters and acquaintances for the TPMP columnist… “But don’t you have someone in your life? “, then questioned Valérie Bénaïm. And this, in view of the multiple conquests of the columnist of TPMP this summer. Information very quickly denied by the presenter Cyril Hanouna. And this, before the principal concerned makes clarifications on the situation.

I am with someone who has been extremely participative he blurted out. The whole set then deduced that he was in a so-called “free” couple. ” Oh good ? he defended, before adding that it was a “point of view” like any other. We recall that in the past, the columnist had already recognized that he could not remain faithful in love. Not yet what to know more about this potential relationship by Matthieu Delormeau who, as a reminder, has always shown great commitment in the fight against homophobia. Which had notably caused him a temporary exclusion from the show last May after having slipped during a very agitated debate with another columnist, Gilles Verdez.

Indeed, the latter had defended Idrissa Gueye, the Senegalese footballer from Paris Saint-Germain who refused to wear the colors of the LGBTQ community with his team to defend this cause. However, Matthieu Delormeau took umbrage at this position and the behavior of his colleague before leave the setcompletely furious.

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