Mask Singer: Internet users can no longer stand the vulgarity of Jeff Panacloc and rebel on Twitter

Mask Singer: Internet users can no longer stand the vulgarity of Jeff Panacloc and rebel on Twitter

This Tuesday, August 30, TF1 broadcasts the second prime time of Mask Singer. Once again, Jeff Panacloc stood out, in addition to his investigative skills, for his sometimes very vulgar jokes. What revolt many viewers, tired of so much vulgarity.

Singer Mask continues to react on social networks. This Tuesday, August 30, the TF1 show was back with the second bounty of season 4. While Marianne James was unmasked in the Baby costume and Frédéric Diefenthal hid in the Gingerbread disguise, the first channel has planned to unveil new characters. Nice surprises for Kev Adams and his three new acolytes : Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc. For this edition, the comedian of 35 years does not participate alone but in the company of his puppet Jean-Marc. A duo who unfortunately does not always make viewers laugh. Since the launch of Singer Maskthe artist and his sidekick multiply dubious jokes and the sometimes very vulgar reflections for a program that is intended to be family-oriented. A detail that continues to forget the former husband of Charlotte de Hugo, to the chagrin of the faithful entertainment.

Jeff Panacloc shocks viewers in Mask Singer

If during the first evening, the biased jokes of Jeff Panacloc may have shocked some, for this second issue, many Internet users expressed their annoyance on Twitter. It must be said that from the start of the bonus, the comedian wanted to amuse the public by revealing that he had spent the weekend in Marrakech with Chantal Ladesou and made a very inappropriate comment. “I’m tired. We n**ed all weekend!“, he launched through his puppet. Too many bad jokes for viewers, tired and outraged. “Jeff Panacloc is heavy with his not funny and vulgar jokes“, “I find it unacceptable so much familiarity on the part of Jeff Panacloc !!! It’s a family show ? Seriously, he should calm down.“, “The vulgarity of Jeff Panaclocbut how TF1 has not changed its editing. It’s embarrassing, it’s a family program. You’re with your child and you have the guy who talks about big penises and fucking…“, “Jeff Panacloc is vulgar“, or “That jerk Panacloc ruining the kids’ night out with his constant insultsit’s really unbearable. Gotta get it out!“, can we read in the comments. A fed up shared by many fans of Singer Mask.

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