Mask Singer: Internet users are convinced they have already unmasked the Bride

Mask Singer: Internet users are convinced they have already unmasked the Bride

The investigation continues on TF1 where new disguised characters will appear on the set of Singer Maskthis Tuesday, August 30. By revealing clues on social networks, the chain did not expect Internet users to already imagine the celebrity under the costume of the Bride.

Do Internet users have more imagination than the jury of investigators? Apart from Jeff Panacloc, who was asked to brake with four irons so as not to kill all the suspense, we cannot say that our budding Sherlock Holmes showed insight during the first episode of Singer Mask. The comedian admittedly recognized Frederic Diefenthal, “asphyxia” in his Gingerbread costume, thanks to his unconditional love for the film Taxi, but Marianne James fooled her world by transforming her voice during her performances into a facetious Baby.

Unlike their two disguised comrades, the personalities embodying the Mouse and the Elephant, perhaps already confused, continue the adventure and will be joined, this Tuesday, August 30, by six new congeners. The Monkey, the Genie, the Bride, the Cat, the Koala or the Turtle will take their first steps on the TF1 stage, wishing at all costs to avoid elimination and the unmasking session.

A Miss France hidden in the Bride’s costume?

In order to bait the barge, the first channel released the trailer for this explosive episode on social networks and revealed the first clues as to its little proteges. We thus learned that the bride adored “the White, especially when it is “associated with blue and red”. Sufficient elements to put Internet users on the trail of a former beauty queen, and more precisely of Delphine Wespiser.

“Delphine Wespiser the white in reference to Fort Boyard and the blue and red for Miss France”says one of them, quickly corroborated in his remarks by several Web detectives. It remains to be seen if the stage performance of this pretty plant will follow their predictions, or if they have been fooled by this somewhat treacherous boost…

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