Mask Singer: Did Camille Combal reveal by mistake who is hiding under the Turtle?

Mask Singer: Did Camille Combal reveal by mistake who is hiding under the Turtle?

This Tuesday, August 30, 2022, TF1 broadcast a new issue of Singer mask. But in the latter, a little blunder by Camille Combal did not go unnoticed. Indeed, by thanking the Turtle, he revealed the name of an actor. The one who could be hiding underneath?

Since Tuesday August 23, 2022, Singer Mask has made a comeback to television. This game presented by Camille Combal has been making headlines on TF1 for three years now. It must be said that the concept could not be more innovative. Personalities hide under costumes and a jury must find out who is present underneath. And this year, many changes have been noticed. Indeed, the program is no longer broadcast on weekends, but on Tuesdays, like Koh-Lanta. But that’s not all. The jury has had a makeover. Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry left, only Kev Adams remained. To replace them, the channel called on Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc.

A situation that visibly amused the comedian discovered in A soda : “You know it’s very weird, I have the same feeling as when I repeated the 6th B and everyone was passing class. I have the impression that everyone else has moved on to a better show. presented by Nikos and I am here” he added, not without humor.

“Why did Camille talk about Pierre Niney?”

And this Tuesday, August 30, 2022, the channel offered a new number of Singer Mask. Among them, the Bride, the Turtle and the Koala. And during the performance of the second, a short statement by host Camille Combal did not escape internet users. And for good reason, after the performance of the Turtle, the father of the family arrived on the set and began by saying congratulations not “the Turtle”, but “Pierre Niney”. A statement that did not escape Internet users, many of whom commented on Camille Combal’s possible blunder on Twitter: “Why did Camille talk about Pierre Niney?”“Combal did say Thank you Pierre Niney ??? Right after the performance of the turtle”, “Why Camille said bravo Pierre Niney? At the end of the performance of the turtle ???”, “Yes Camille Combal said thank you Pierre Niney for the turtle!! Error or humor”, “Am I dreaming or did he just say who is hiding behind the turtle?”, “Why Camille thanks Pierre Niney instead of the turtle?”. But obviously, it’s a safe bet that this is a joke by the host. Indeed, the show is not live and the channel would obviously have cut if it had been a blunder.

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