Mask Singer 4 – The Monkey: A pretty singer behind this costume? Without a doubt !

Mask Singer 4 – The Monkey: A pretty singer behind this costume? Without a doubt !

The show Singer Mask 4 presented by Camille Combal on TF1 is back after only a few months and the victory of Denitsa Ikonomova who was hiding behind the butterfly costume. The drag-queen Dalmatian, the Baby, the Gingerbread, the Pharaoh, the Bride, the Genie, the Fire Elephant… they all compete to win. It’s time to get interested in the Monkey. Here are the clues about it…

All the clues revealed

– Common point with the Bride, they were crowned with gold.
The Monkey played in front of 75 million people.
– He chose this mischievous costume but could have opted for that of a “dinosaur“.
– When he looks at his background, he notices that he was among “the first ones“.”I was in the infancy of something that had become huge“, he confides.
– It does not get younger but “assumes”.
– His videos have been viewed from “hundreds of millions of times“, which he finds flattering.
– He rubbed shoulders with Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Cassel, Isabelle Adjani “and so on“.
– A blond wig, sweets and a lion mask have been unveiled.

He sang mary proud and The pianist’s groupie by Michael Berger.

Opinion of the investigators

Faced with these clues about the identity of the Monkey, the investigators rack their brains. However, they manage to come to a majority agreement. Jeff Panacloc, Kev Adams and Vitaa think it’s Alizée. For her part, Chantal Ladesou also imagines a singer under this pretty costume: Jenifer.

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