Lucile (Love is in the meadow), her daughter at the heart of a money story: disturbing images

Lucile (Love is in the meadow), her daughter at the heart of a money story: disturbing images

Finally ! Less than a year after the arrival of their daughter Capucine in their lives (born in October 2021), Jerome and Lucile have agreed to present it officially on M6 on Monday August 29, 2022. The couple was honored that evening in love seen from the meadowthe show aired right after Love is in the meadow and whose concept is to hear from former candidates. It was then the occasion for them to open the doors of their intimacy, to Jons. But viewers probably did not expect Capucine’s face to be so clearly revealed. Unsurprisingly, however, the toddler was chewable. Blue eyes like mom and red hair like dad, she is a perfect mix of her parents.

Until now, Jérôme and Lucile had not wanted to expose Capucine very clearly. It is always with great reserve that they shared photos of her on their official Instagram account. “They have always hidden their daughter’s face, why have it filmed by M6 cameras?“, then wondered a user, leading to all kinds of assumptions. “M6 exclusivity to sell the images certainly“, we for example advanced.

Faced with the curiosity of her community, Lucile could not resist the urge to justify herself as she revealed in story on the evening of Tuesday August 30. “simply because we have blind faith in M6’s cameras and their teams who always have a benevolent eye. We have no exclusivity or financial partnership for this! Our daughter is not for sale. It is simply our choice as parents, thank you for respecting it. On the networks, our daughter will remain hidden as much as possible“, she announced.

And indeed, Lucile and Jérôme do not intend to highlight their daughter more. At their wedding, for example, celebrated on August 27 despite the notable absences of Karine Le Marchand and Mathieu, Capucine only made a discreet appearance on the Web, adorably matching her mother in a little white dress.

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