Love is in the meadow: Hervé’s big mistake amuses internet users (ZAP TV)

Love is in the meadow: Hervé’s big mistake amuses internet users (ZAP TV)

After the broadcast of the second episode of Love is in the meadowviewers were able to reunite with their old favorites to debrief the cult moments of the show. And Hervé was not really of great support for his comrade Thierry.

There are existential subjects that are not joked about in Love is in the meadow. The faithful of the M6 ​​program could notice it, this August 29, when the two contenders of Jean took the cabbage around the base which composed their quiche. Puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, each of them has defended its piece of fat. Thierry “rogue of fate”, he was a thousand considerations away from this gourmet debate, and tried his luck again after biting the dust during his first participation in the show. And if the winemaker believes he has changed, learning the lesson of his past mistakes, his outspokenness is still just as much a part of his DNA. Thus, when Karine Le Marchand made him understand that he was not by Brad Pitt, yes George Clooneyfrom a physical point of view, he agreed that he did not know either of the two American stars.

Brad Pitt as hero of Superior gun ?

This sequence obviously amused Internet users a lot, but also the former candidates of the show, brought to debrief the episode from their sofa just as soft as their heart. Hervé and Stéphanie, darlings of the sixteenth season, and who are about to get married, did not miss a crumb of this exchange, making fun of their comrade’s cinephile knowledge.

To drive the point home, and “do the smart thing” with his bride, the Picard saw fit to spread his culture regretting that Thierry did not see…Superior gun. His composure made his mistake go like a letter in the mail in front of his family, but was of course raised by the Web, flabbergasted that he confused Brad Pitt with Tom Cruise.

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