Love is in the meadow: Anne-Marie and Gégé still as a couple? We tell you everything!

Love is in the meadow: Anne-Marie and Gégé still as a couple? We tell you everything!

During the show Love is in the meadow, some stand out more than others. This is particularly the case of Gege and Anne-Marie. Indeed, during their passage, they had enormously touched the hearts of the public. And since the show ended, many milestones have seemed passed. We explain everything to you this Love couple is in the meadow.

Love is in the meadow: its power

Love is in the meadow has been on the air for many years now. Each year, we can discover many farmers, all wishing to share their lives. But everyone has their story, their past and so they often touch the hearts of the show’s viewers. Among the most striking and popular coupleswe can find Hervé and Stéphanie who spend their lives teasing each other and having a good laugh, Mathieu and Alexandre who make perfect love despite illness, Lucile and Jérôme who are just newlyweds. Well among them, there is also the duo Gégé and Anne-Marie.

It must be said that Love is in the meadow always offers its share of surprises. So when Gégé read Anne-Marie’s letter, he immediately felt something. So much so that when they meet, emotion wins her over. He declares ” You know that you marked me, I was moved when I saw your letter”. And the second date, the farmer burst into tears. Indeed, this duo was found as an evidence. He himself was very amazed to be able to feel such feelings.

Indeed, he said: I could never have imagined that. After her letter, it was impossible for me to remember the first names of the other suitors. […] As soon as we talk about it, it starts again! Anne-Marie really wrote the right thing. She didn’t look at me, she listened to me and was frank. I liked everything! Anne-Marie’s letter really marked me,” according to his confessions to Télé Loisirs. A flagship couple of Love is in the meadow, which makes people believe in love.

The point in their lives

Thus, throughout this season of Love is in the meadow, their beautiful beginning of love story could be followed by many French people. But when the show ended, things changed very quickly. If Anne-Marie lived in a truck, she quickly abandoned it in favor of the building in Gégé. In addition, she works in particular with him on the cow farm. ” We made a small chicken coop at the beginning. So Gégé set up a place for me to hatch my eggs. I work part time. I really wanted to work on the farm, and then I watched their work.”.

But last summer, a whole new milestone was reached. The two lovebirds de l’Amour est dans le pré formalized their relationship by saying “yes”. Of course, Karine Le Marchand was present. Karine Le Marchand tells TV Magazine that ” I think it’s great that his brother’s example made him want to take the plunge. This is the best proof that the show is honest, sincere and that it does good to people”,And the best answer to those who believe there is phony or exaggeration. It is a pleasure “. A good news for Love is in the meadow, sometimes it works.

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