Louise Bourgoin and Julien Doré separated: rare photos of the couple (very) in love

Louise Bourgoin and Julien Doré separated: rare photos of the couple (very) in love

Lovers for three years from 2007 to 2010, Louise Bourgoin and Julien Doré were one of the cutest couples. On the Césars red carpet in 2008 or at the film’s premiere Monsters vs Aliens in 2009, the two actors had discussed their passionate love story with several journalists. In October 2013, the performer of the title The lethal Weapon had in particular mentioned his pain following this painful rupture with the journalists of the Parisian. “Even protecting yourself, it’s not easy to stand on your feet when something like this happens to you” he explained, adding however that he no longer had “more afraid“and that he felt”beefier“.

Near Female Version in January 2012, the actress returned to her love life, without however speaking directly of Julien Doré. “It never lasted more than two years with me, I don’t know why. You should ask the guys who dumped me!“, she confided adding that she was “as a drug addict“when she was in love.”I feel dependent, my body no longer responds to me. In times like these, I totally believe in love“, she explained.

I explain all the reasons for our breakup

Mom of Etienne (born April 7, 2016) and another little boy born in 2020, whose first name she did not reveal, the fruit of her love with the musician Tepr, she also indicated, shortly after his break with Julien Doré, having specified the causes of their separation in a film. “At the end of Adèle Blanc-Sec, right in the middle of a scene, I stop in my acting and I explain all the reasons for our breakup. You have to go see the movie“, she confided to the journalists of SHE in April 2010.

For his part, Julien Doré had found love in the arms of Marina Hands, met in the comedy Together, we are going to live a very, very great love story. A premonitory title since the two actors lived a romance that lasted almost three years. Now in a relationship with another woman whose identity he did not reveal, the singer confided that he was in love “more peaceful“.”My previous albums were nourished by the stories I was living at the time: intense, passionate, full of ‘too much’. Today, I understood: happiness is much prettier when you live it simply“, he explained to Psychologies in August 2021.

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