“Let’s be clear, there is no miracle solution”: here are the measures taken by Codeco Énergie

“Let’s be clear, there is no miracle solution”: here are the measures taken by Codeco Énergie

Alexander De Croo spoke for this press conference. “Where is this going to stop and how do we deal with this price explosion? Let’s be clear, there is no miracle solution but we will do everything in our power to get out of it”, he began.

“We are for a price freeze and we have found allies in Europe,” he continued, pleading for a European solution. “It is only this solution that can lower prices. It is now that Europe must show that it is capable of protecting its citizens”, he insisted, in a clear appeal to his European colleagues.

Obviously, he then tackled the Belgian question and the solutions that can be taken in our country.

Here are the measures covered:

– An extension of social measures until the end of March (extended social tariff, reduced VAT, etc.)

– Consultation with the financial sector: repayment of mortgage loans is untenable for some. “We will look into the possibility of a payment deferral,” he said. Ditto for the facilities for investment in renewable energies. But nothing very specific for the moment.

– Energy sobriety: the public authorities will lower the heating, reduce consumption, turn off the lights in the buildings. The Prime Minister calls for the same to be done in stores as well as in private homes. “Small streams make big rivers,” he says.

– Taxation of excess profits: “There is already a measure that exists in the nuclear sector. The aim is to extend it to other companies in the energy sector, where certain players have very high profits. The nuclear rent is rising to 800 million, we want to expand it and use the proceeds to help the middle class in our country,” he said.

“To conclude, it’s very clear, it will take a lot of effort to overcome this crisis,” he concludes, calling on the various governments and private actors to find a solution. “We must do everything to get out of this crisis. We will only get there if we work together,” he slips before handing over the floor to Jan Jambon (N-VA), the Flemish Minister-President.

For the latter, even the story of the beginning, Europe must act, even “if we must not rest on its laurels”.

Elio Di Rupo, Minister-President of Wallonia (PS), took over thereafter. “The price of gas plays a decisive role. When we look at the price structure, we realize that 83% represents the price imposed by the suppliers. It is therefore also at European level that action must be taken. But each of us, entities, must do what is possible”, he recalls, repeating that funds are allocated to help with the renovation of buildings. “We need an agreement between countries, there is a balance of power” to be carried out, he says. “We must change the mechanism” for determining the price of electricity, he insists again, taking the example of Portugal and Spain.

Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of Brussels (PS) closed the march of speeches, recalling the increase in renovation grants and other Brussels initiatives as well as the European measures taken against Russia.

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