Laurent Ruquier regrets having agreed to co-host We are live with Léa Salamé (ZAPTV)

Laurent Ruquier regrets having agreed to co-host We are live with Léa Salamé (ZAPTV)

Tuesday August 30, 2022, Laurent Ruquier was the guest of Touche not at my post. The opportunity for the host to discuss his return to television and radio. He notably mentioned his departure from We are live. The producer and host has one regret…

At the beginning of the summer, Laurent Ruquier announced that he would give up the animation ofWe are live. After sixteen years at the head of the second part of the evening of France 2 on Saturdays, the host and producer has decided to bow out for the benefit of Léa Salamé, who now hosts the program alone. “I made the decision last December. It was not linked to Léa Salamé. I even think it went better because it was with Léa, since she’s someone I knew well. […] More the talk show exercise is an exercise that I consider difficult to do in pairs. We must be able to control it alone in terms of timing, especially live.”, had he revealed on the set of It’s up to you. Indeed, Laurent Ruquier had agreed to share the exercise of animation since the start of the 2021 school year with Léa Salamé. A choice notably justified by the presidential election.

But Laurent Ruquier has not found his balance in this co-hosting. “He has proven enough. He wants to have a program in his hand, which looks like him. Not necessarily to share, to wait for Léa to do her interview with Michael Cymes to then send the interview with Gad Elmalehanalyzed Léa Salamé, in the pdocast The intimateSaturday July 9. “I loved you as a columnist, but sharing as a co-presenter frustrates me”he would have entrusted to him.

Laurent Ruquier regrets

Guest of Cyril Hanouna, in Do not touch My TVTuesday August 30, 2022, Laurent Ruquier returned to this sensational departure. As he makes his comeback without a project on Saturday evening, the host explained how he came to accept this collaboration: “I had already worked with Léa Salamé. That I had already had the idea – Léa often says so in interviews and she’s not lying – of making a duet. But, that was an older idea. I had no idea last year or two years ago. I was fine on my own. I would have preferred to continue doing the show on my own. But as I had put forward this idea at the time of We are not lying when Léa was still with me, I accepted. I tried. It only half pleased me. And when I half like it, I prefer to leave“, he said in front of an astonished Cyril Hanouna.

Faced with this story full of nostalgia, Matthieu Delormeau couldn’t help but ask him a question: “Afterwards, do you regret having accepted?“Laurent Ruquier responded with the spontaneity and frankness that the public has known him for so many years:”Yes of course! I will be honest“, he started with a laugh. He concluded by congratulating Matthieu Delormeau for the relevance of his question.

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