Laurent Ruquier lets loose on Léa Salamé: free attack live, she didn’t ask for anything

Laurent Ruquier lets loose on Léa Salamé: free attack live, she didn’t ask for anything

Tuesday August 30, 2022, Laurent Ruquier was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in Do not touch My TV. As the start of the school year has come, the host has agreed to confide in his news, his future on TV and the hot topics that have animated France in recent months. Laurent Ruquier notably had the opportunity to come back to the last presidential election, which saw Emmanuel Macron elected for a second term, and to comment on the candidate Eric Zemmour. A candidate he knows well since he was his polemicist in We are not in bed from 2006 to 2011.

Cyril Hanouna then wondered if it was not strange for Laurent Ruquier to have seen him go into politics. But for the companion of Hugo Manos, it is apparently not the worst that a former one of his protégés could have done in his eyes. Indeed, without quoting her, he judged Léa Salamé more by sending her a well-felt spade. “It’s still better for him to play politics rather than end up replacing the main host on a show!“, he let go before exploding with laughter. A direct reference to the fact that the journalist succeeds him on France 2 on Saturday evening from September 24.

This public outing may suggest that Laurent Ruquier is ultimately no longer on good terms with the one who was his co-host in We are live the last year. Already during an interview for The Parisianwhen asked if he would watch Léa Salamé’s new show, he slipped in a short sentence that says a lot about their relationship. “If only for my friend Christophe Dechavanne (recruited to be a ‘permanent guest’)with whom I have good relations. I am very happy for him that he finally finds a television presence. Animators are made to do their job“.

Anyway, Léa Salamé will meet viewers every Saturday evening in a few weeks. After reflection, the name of his show has just been defined by the management of the group. According to information from TV magazineit will be: What an era!

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