Laurent Ruquier announces the date on which he wishes to leave “Les Grosses Têtes”

Laurent Ruquier announces the date on which he wishes to leave “Les Grosses Têtes”

Guest of “TPMP” on Tuesday evening, the host explains that he wants to accompany the show until its fiftieth anniversary.

Laurent Ruquier will not follow, on this point, in the footsteps of Philippe Bouvard, who left “Les Grosses Têtes” at the age of 84. The host, invited Tuesday, August 30 on the set of Cyril Hanouna, mentioned the age at which he wants to leave the presentation of the humorous RTL program. “I hope to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the “Big Heads”and I want at that moment to hand over to someone“Begins Laurent Ruquier, who recently left the presentation of” We are live “on France 2.

The return of Jean-Marie Bigard?

““Les Grosses Têtes” started in 1977, so it will be in 2027. I have five years left. You know, I’m 60 next year. Attention, I did not say that I will stop the radio. But stop “Les Grosses Têtes”65 looks good to me», continues Laurent Ruquier. Who adds, at least, to hope to go that far: “Sometimes others have better ideas before you“. But who would be likely to take over the animation of this particular program, which requires substantial work, tact and, of course, a lot of humor?

On C8, the host also mentioned the recent tensions with Jean-Marie Bigard. The comedian had no longer been seen at the “Big Heads” after his multiple rants against the government during the health crisis. “He had exceeded the limits”explains Laurent Ruquier. Le Havrais, however, does not close any doors: “If he calms down in the next few weeks, maybe at the end of September he will make a comeback”.

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