Kate Middleton: here is her second wedding dress that no one had ever seen

Kate Middleton: here is her second wedding dress that no one had ever seen

Remember, on April 29, 2011, Kate Middleton and the Prince William united with Westminster Abbey. A milestone event followed by two billion viewers around the world, or 30% of the population who were in front of their television. Among the details that captured the attention, the sublime dress of the Duchess of Cambridge. A signed creation Sarah Burton to pay Alexander McQueenbecome mythical since the big event.

At royal wedding, wedding dress royal! The parents of Kate Middleton have put the means so that everything is perfect for their daughter. For example, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress would have cost €332,000 according to the Insight website. A wedding dress custom made made in Caudry laceequipped with a veil and a train of 2.7 meters, which has since entered into history. But Kate didn’t stop there! Another creation, much more discreet, has just been put back on the front of the stage!

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A first ceremonial dress that caused a sensation

If Kate Middleton’s ceremonial dress has caused so much talk, it is also because it is responsible for winks. As is royal tradition, the wedding dress should have long sleeves. A detail respected by Kate, like the dress of Grace Kelly when he married in 1956, or even Lady Di. the pretty brunette sported lace sleeves to heighten the effect ultra-glamorous. This fine lace, unanimously acclaimed, was made possible thanks to the know-how of the lacemaker Solstissestablished in the north of France.

The dress is also a low-key tribute to uk through the embroidery sleeves of the dress. These included designs of roses, daffodils, thistles and clovers. The national emblems of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A subtle detail, but which represents a lot in terms of message. The piece was thought out from every angle before being worn during this unmissable event.

An accessory from Kate’s outfit caused as much of a stir as the dress. If it was the Middleton parents who paid for their daughter’s wedding dress, the tiarasymbolic object, was lent by Elizabeth IIwho had received it as a gift from his father for his 18th birthday. A tiara signed Cartier with 1,000 diamondswhich made it possible to hold the veil.

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Kate Middleton’s second dress, a creation by Alexander McQueen

It’s on the famous social network ICT Tac that the Duchess of Cambridge’s second wedding dress has resurfaced. Kate Middleton opted for the same recipe as the first. It was also designed by Sarah Burton, artistic director of Alexander McQueen. This second dress was worn by the Duchess on the occasion of a very classy reception of 650 people. The piece in question had even seduced Karl Lagerfeld who called her “ elegant and classy “.

Tightened at the waist by a rhinestone beltflared and ivory-colored, this second dress is now sensation on TikTok. Kate also wore a matching bolero at this reception hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Prince William, meanwhile, had decided to change his outfit, swapping his red colonel’s uniform for a black suit with a bow tie. A beautifully matched couple and which continues to mark the spirits after each public appearance.

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