Karine Ferri married to Yoann Gourcuff: rare secrets about their solid and enduring couple

Karine Ferri married to Yoann Gourcuff: rare secrets about their solid and enduring couple

Karine Ferri’s life took an unexpected turn when she met Yoann Gourcuff. A few years after the tragic death of her great love Grégory Lemarchal, swept away by cystic fibrosis in 2007, the host opened her heart to the former professional footballer in 2011. Subsequently, they welcomed their two children, their son Maël born in 2016 and their daughter Claudia who showed up in 2018. It was only the following year that Karine Ferri and Yoann Gourcuff decided to seal their love with a marriage, which was celebrated on June 8, 2019. For their third anniversary as a husband, the one who left Dance with the stars has also shared unpublished photos of this memorable day.

But, Monday August 29, during an interview for Radio Monaco, these are unpublished confidences that were made by Karine Ferri. Indeed, usually rather discreet when it comes to her private life, the pretty brunette has agreed to discuss her solid relationship with Yoann Gourcuff. “I don’t think there is a magic trick to make it last. Already, I am very lucky to have met my husband. I tell myself every day“, she underlined, wishing the same happiness to everyone and especially to those around her: “I am a fulfilled mother, a fulfilled woman. I often say to my girlfriends who don’t have this chance, I hope that one day they will because it’s great to be able to be serene and to wake you up every day saying wow“.

Karine Ferri is also very fulfilled in her television career. After a well-deserved vacation during which she paraded in swimsuits on her social networks, it was back to work. Karine Ferri is currently on the air on TF1 every Saturday evening for the new season of children of the voice. A commitment she never tires of. Maybe it’s related to the fact that I’m a mom. When you see these children full of innocence, with stars in their eyes on stage, and the joy of their parents behind the scenes… Everything is spontaneous with them, there is no calculation. And then I get lots of hugs, so I’m super happy“, she had declared to Entertainment TV.

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