“It’s one of the hard things”

“It’s one of the hard things”



Barely returned from vacation, Mr. Pokora begins a new promotional tour for the release of his new album.

Three years after the success of “Pyramide”, Mr. Pokora is back with a new album entitled “Epicentre” and which is scheduled for release on November 4. Already, his fans have been able to discover a first extract with the release on Tuesday of the title “Who we are”. A news on which the 36-year-old artist returned when he was the guest of Steven Bellery on RTL, August 30.

While promoting his new opus, the interpreter spoke about his family life with American actress and singer Christina Milian, with whom he has two little boys: Isaiah (2 years old) and Kenna (1 year old). ). Just returned from his summer vacation spent between the south of France and Italy, Mr. Pokora returned to a somewhat unpleasant episode experienced with his sons: “When I start to arrive on the beach, he there are looks, people. And the people who were in the water go out on the beach, get their cell phones, come back in the water with their cell phones to take a picture of me bathing with my children,” he recalled.

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The star who was revealed on ‘Popstar’ nearly 20 years ago added, “I know they don’t realize when they do this, because they’re excited, they’re happy, it doesn’t go away from me. a bad feeling. But that’s one of the things that are difficult for us as human beings.” Finally, the young dad preferred to leave the beach with his children, rather than being filmed and photographed during a moment of relaxation with the family. “It’s little things like that that I never complain about because it’s part of the package. People must be aware that there are plenty of positive aspects, but also very difficult things, ”explains Mr. Pokora, who insists on the fact that his job “requires a lot psychologically”.

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Installed with his family in Los Angeles for several years, the Frenchman is certainly less in demand by his fans on the West Coast. A tranquility that he will put on next year, since he is preparing to launch an anniversary tour celebrating his 20-year career. Its “Epicentre Tour” will be launched in Paris on June 10 and will continue throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland until December 2023.


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