“It made me grow all of a sudden, it helped me channel certain energies”

“It made me grow all of a sudden, it helped me channel certain energies”

Jenifer returns with a new album called N°9, in stores on November 4th. The opportunity to grant interviews to discuss his career, his songs and some more personal aspects of his life. This album contains Waitinga song that highlights the relationship she has with her three sons. The lyrics are explicit: My sons, my strength, my reason. In the meantime, I will walk beside you. And if one falls, the other will pick him up “, revealed South-Info who was able to listen to several titles exclusively. The singer says she put ” two weeks to successfully sing it so much [lui] caused emotion “.

Guest on the show Indulge by Steven Bellery on RTL this Saturday, August 26, Jenifer says more about her daily life as a mom and about this song. At the age of 39, she has to deal with three children with different needs. Her eldest son, Aaron, is 18 years old. It comes from his relationship with musician Maxim Nucci aka Yodelice. Joseph, 8 years old, has Thierry Neuvic as his father. Finally, her youngest, Juvanni, is just one year old. It is the fruit of her love with her husband Ambroise Fieschi.

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A balance

Usually very discreet about her family life and her sons, Jenifer explains that she ” couldn’t skip this topic “since it is his” balance “. She clarifies: I tell myself, less selfishly, that this is a relatively unifying subject. He may be able to provoke and evoke emotions, bring out things in some “. What make Steven Bellery react, who notes that she is “living proof that you can be an artist and a mom”. She then bounces back: Obviously ! I am a working mom like many moms! I do a great job, I love what I do beyond a job, I have the chance to live from my passion “. Despite the rhinestones, the sequins and the success, the singer is very attached to her landmarks, her cocoon: “ I know where my friends are and that I have a family. It always helped me to stay extremely lucid about what was happening to me. “.

The one who combines family life and musical career explains about her daily life as a mother: “ It’s sporty, but I love it. It doesn’t lack rhythm “. Jennifer continues: Maternity helped me channel certain energies at the right time. It made me grow all of a sudden and it gave me a lot of love and strength and conviction “. And to conclude: I have a very full life, so that’s fine. If I hadn’t known anything, it would have made me anxious. But I have experienced many things. There have been many twists and turns in my life. Both positives and negatives. But I’m moving forward and I’m proud “.

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