Internet users hallucinate in the face of the “naivety” of Elsa Esnoult

Internet users hallucinate in the face of the “naivety” of Elsa Esnoult

This Wednesday, August 31, Internet users hallucinated in the face of the

This Wednesday, August 31, Internet users hallucinated in the face of the “naivety” of Elsa Esnoult in “Les Traitors”. M6 screenshot

This Wednesday, August 31, M6 broadcast the final episode of its new show, “Les Traitors”. The two traitors “manipulated” to perfection Elsa Esnoult, who saw nothing but fire. But faced with the “naivety” of the actress, Internet users were hallucinated.

For this last day of August, the chains had set the bar very high. If TF1 broadcast a new episode of “Good Doctor”, TMC had opted for a program filled with humor, with the second issue of “Retroscopy”. But this Wednesday August 31 was also marked by the grand finale of M6’s new summer game, “The Traitors”. For this last episode, tensions were at their peak. And the lies have finally been unmasked, including that of Riadh. By landing in the game, the Youtubeur had explained to Bernard Werber that he was a professional footballer and that he officiated at Real Madrid … A lie that he reiterated on many occasions.

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Nevertheless, it was without counting on the intelligence of the writer, who during the round table, confronted Riadh with his own game. In front of all the other candidates, he revealed his lie in broad daylight. Of course, the young Youtuber did not expect that. And while he was calm before arriving at the council, he fell from a very high place. Thanks to the explanations of the writer, all the participants of the “Traitors” voted against him. And they did manage to eliminate a traitor.

“She is too naive”

There were only six players left, including two traitors, after this round table. And while Clémence and David Douillet hid their game well, they managed to rally Elsa Esnoult to their cause. The ‘Mysteries of Love’ actress had blind faith in her two friends. She had been convinced from the start that they were loyal. The two traitors succeeded in the art of manipulation to perfection and when they discovered these images, Internet users were particularly surprised by the “naivety” of the young woman. Twittos were even convinced that when she was going to discover the deception, she would risk falling from “very high”.

“Elsa is from Happiness City”

The long-awaited moment by viewers unfolded as they had planned. Elsa was loyal to the end with Clémence and David. Thanks to her, the loyal ones were eliminated one by one during the very last round table. So when she found out the true identity of the traitors, she was left speechless and even started crying. For Internet users, the singer and actress lives “in the land of care bears”. Faced with all the criticism received, Twittos wanted to defend the young woman. For them, it is “touching” and “true”. Some even insisted on recalling that it was much easier behind a screen than in real life.

In the end, even though the two “Traitors” won the game, loyalty prevailed. They decided to share the 42 bars for their respective associations. Clémence and David never betrayed each other. It was a great final for internet users.

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