Ilona Smet mom: adorable family photo by the sea, her baby already ultra stylish!

Ilona Smet mom: adorable family photo by the sea, her baby already ultra stylish!

No, summer is not about to end. The sun continues to shine, as never before, and the temperatures are still fine… it does not take more, for Ilona Smet, to continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Present for several days in a mysterious dream place, somewhere on Earth at the edge of the water, the young mother admires the blue sky in very charming company. With her, her husband Kamran Ahmed is also fine-tuning his tan, of course, as is their very young son – with a bob and lots of SPF, of course – he who joined the Hallyday clan in June 2022.

On her Instagram account, Ilona Smet does not hesitate to share her happiness online, for our greatest pleasure. In recent hours, she has been delighting each person who follows her on social networks with very pretty photographs. Among other things, we can see her, in the middle of a walk, carrying her son around in a brand new stroller. She also posted an image, ephemeral, on which her feet are in the water, while she carries her baby in her arms and her husband, Kamran Ahmed, tenderly holds her back. Ha, the holiday of love…

Time flies but the flame of their feelings will never go out. And yet, Ilona Smet and Kamran Ahmed have just passed a hell of a milestone! On August 7, 2022, the lovebirds actually celebrated their 10-year relationship. They had met in their early youth, when the young woman was only 17 years old and she was still in high school, in the final year – he was 18 and had just obtained his baccalaureate. Sometimes a first love can last forever. On April 16, 2022, they had also decided to take the next step. A few days before the birth of their son, they had actually said to each other “yes” in front of the Lord and a very small assembly of friends and relatives, during a discreetly organized wedding. Next step?

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