Huge turnaround for a farmer, Karine Le Marchand “in mourning”

Huge turnaround for a farmer, Karine Le Marchand “in mourning”

M6, Cecile Rogue

M6, Cecile Rogue

For the very first time in the history of Love is in the meadowa father and his daughter have been selected to take part in the adventure. They are Jean-Paul, 70 years old andEmmanuelle, 41 years old. They are winegrowers in the Grand Est and have been partners for a year and a half. The pretty brunette had decided to leave her job as a real estate agent to join her father in his vineyard, following the death of her mother Bernadette from cancer in 2012. In episode 3 of the new season expected on September 5 on M6 and already available on Salto, Emmanuelle and her father will be in the spotlight. Unfortunately, not everything will go as planned.

Arriving on the barge in Paris where the speed-dating takes place, Emmanuelle took stock with Karine Le Marchand of the ten letters she received at home following her portrait. Letters that she read with great attention, from spelling mistakes to the style of the sentences to the personal situation of the person concerned. And by reading them, Emmanuelle realized the obvious: none of her suitors were made for her.

So, in front of the host, the farmer announced what turns out to be a first for the show. “I didn’t catch any“, she told him. “I am in mourning. You’re my favorite this season and I really wanted to fit you. I have the balls, I tell you“,…

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