Household scenes: A star of the series makes a major revelation about her past!

Household scenes: A star of the series makes a major revelation about her past!

Already a year that Louise and Jalil, interpreted by Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, form a couple in Scenes of households on M6. The duo are back for a new season of the hit series. And on this occasion, the two actors engage in an interview with our colleagues from the magazine TV 7 Dayson newsstands August 22, 2022.

continue the adventure Scenes of households one more season, despite the criticisms made by Marion Game, the interpreter of Huguette in the program, this is not nothing for Ryad Baxx. Especially since not so long ago, the charming brunette had a job very different from that of an actor! “It makes me funny to live from my passion, whilesome time ago I was still a prison guardhe reveals. Now I project myself into Scenes of householdslike in a family. I’m part of a cult show, and it warms my heart.

This past, Ryad Baxx has things to say. So much so that he plans to go on stage to unpack everything. “I’m working on writing a one-man show around the profession of prison guard, which I practiced for thirteen years. And Claudia immediately offered to direct it. I will also be at the theater, by the end of the year, and also in a TV movie for M6, in October“, he confides. And who better to accompany him in this project than the one who plays his half in Scenes of households ? “It’s like Claudia is my mirror. I trust him with my eyes closed. This is the basis of any healthy relationship, especially in this environment. There are artistic meetings, but above all meetings of the heart, and we managed to link the two“, indicates the actor. Opinion shared by the beautiful, who explains that they have both become “very friends“.”We often see each other outside of filming. Whether we like it or not, our destiny is somewhat linked to Scenes of households”, she concludes.

See you this Tuesday, August 30, 2022 from 8:30 p.m. on M6 to follow the adventures of Louise and Jalil, among others, in Scenes of households.

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