Help, the lice are coming back! 4 natural remedies to overcome it

Help, the lice are coming back! 4 natural remedies to overcome it

Who says back to school, unfortunately often says mass lice attack! While lice are not dangerous to health, they are clearly unbearable and cause itching and irritation. The main thing is to fight them quickly, so that they do not proliferate and you pass them on to other people. As a reminder, they do not jump, but spread on contact. Rest assured and your darlings, there are very effective natural remedies to overcome it.

The vinegar

It is undoubtedly one of the most effective remedies. For the latter, mix a little vegetable oil with apple cider vinegar. Massage your dry hair with this mixture, wrap your hair with a towel, and leave on for twenty minutes. This will have the advantage of killing them and you will just have to comb your hair to knock the dead critters off your head.

The mayonnaise

The best here is still to make your homemade mayonnaise. Massage your scalp with it, then leave on for 2 hours. Then make yourself a classic shampoo, then comb your hair. The lice will be much easier to remove. In addition, this remedy will nourish your dry hair.

Onion juice

Onions will be just as effective. Their juice contains sulfur, which eliminates small animals. Cut onions into small pieces, press them in a colander to make juice. Then, massage your skull with it and apply wick to wick. Leave on for three hours before washing your hair. Repeat this operation for one to two days.

Olive oil and lavender

Place olive oil in a spray bottle. Add a few drops of lavender, tea tree or lavandin. Then spray this mixture on your head, and cover with cling film or a bathing cap. Leave on for 1 hour, then use a fine comb and shampoo yourself. You can also use coconut oil instead of olive oil. Moreover, most vegetable oils are ideal for getting rid of lice without chemicals. These fatty substances will suffocate them, while the essential oils have a repellent and treating effect at the same time.

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